Overhead Transmission Line Division

Overhead Transmission Line Division

EEE’s history stretches back to 1977, when it completed design, supply and installation of high voltage overhead lines for the UAE’s Central and Northern region. Later in 1997 EEE made the first interconnection of the power systems of the Northern Emirates (West Coast interconnection 220 kV & 132 KV lines).

In 2005, we finalized the overhead lines for the first Emirates National Grid 400 kV & 220 kV.EEE is the only one company in UAE who has worked in all the phases of interconnection of Emirates. During these years EEE emerged as a leader in the field of Power Transmission Lines in U.A.E and became the first in completing 400kV monopole overhead lines project in the Middle East.

A Strategic Group Of Power Service Providers

The large technical expertise, backed by excellent background of experience gained over the years equipped the company with capacity to execute turnkey projects in power transmission and distribution of overhead lines.

Our engineers have proved their skills and capabilities successfully by executing innumerable important power transmission projects under taking all over the UAE. Power software and hardware tools, in the nimble hand of experienced engineers, draughtsman and technicians help execute projects that bring light to the life of the people.