Solar Hybrid Solutions


Emirates Electrical Engineering focuses on combining reliable alternative energy sources with solar projects to maximize support to the clean power solutions for unmatched performance. We offer these solar hybrids as an ideal solution for clients with varying energy optimization needs.

We believe in devising affordable, flexible, and customized integration of renewable energy sources, so the critical energy demands of our clients are met effectively. We design our hybrid systems to operate with multiple sources, such as solar PV, utility grid, generator set and battery banks.

Optimum Hybrid Solutions for Off-Grid Customers

While we design solar hybrid models to supply and integrate hybrid power in your electrical network, we combine PV solar systems with other conventional power systems to make the most of our projects. EEE centers its turnkey solar hybrid projects around the idea of user flexibility and convenience, maintaining their energy demands. We bring together other inexhaustible energy sources with the equipment that responds critically to procuring full natural potential.

Integrating Personalized Solar Hybrid Models

From solar hybrid system design to project development to technology integration and architecture management, Emirates Electrical Engineering configures energy solutions to drive reliability and optimized performance across the UAE. The project management teams, engineers, and staff hinge on every requirement put forward by the client to implement their desired hybrid model, where they coordinate, assess, evaluate and analyze the functionality and operation of each hybrid project. With such projects, we help you switch to clean energy without ever running out of resources.