Solar Projects Leasing Solutions


The Legacy of Al Rostamani Group plus the extensive experience of EEE formulate a special blend of solar leasing contracts for our clients hassle-free. This leasing instrument enables us to finance, build, own, and operate high-functioning solar PV systems. To make things convenient, we only use Tier 1 components for all our PV systems.

Our tailored-fit financing solutions are specifically designed to study and supply your electricity needs for commercial or industrial purposes. With the integration of our fully-equipped turnkey system, our clients enjoy the guaranteed performance and clean energy along with a tangible reduction in electricity costs.

Big Name, Zero-CAPEX, Zero-OPEX and Mind-Free guaranteed savings

The convenience of our clients comes before anything else, which is why we introduce an all-rounder solar lease model that gives unhindered performance for long-term energy conservation. From helping commercial and industrial entities to shift to the solar energy source, our solar lease model runs as follows:

  • Zero investment from the client
  • Solar system financing, design, and installation by EEE
  • Solar lease agreement between client and EEE for 15-20 years
  • O&M for the agreed term by EEE

Sustainable Solutions Sustaining Your Business on the Rooftop – The Benefits

Using Tier 1 components, EEE proves its mettle in the solar power industry. We offer many benefits to our commercial and industrial clients, allowing them to use their rooftop space with highly affordable and accessible financing options.

  • Clients can build and operate their desired solar system tops without investment
  • We study and supply the electricity needs of our client, so their electricity needs are met
  • The client saves electricity bill starting from the first month of installation
  • Users enjoy a lower bill than the usual utility electricity cost